Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom season IS COMING!

Yeah, that’s me folks!

Yeah, that’s me folks!

Not long ago tho. My hair is now longer but I still have the same chubby cheeks..

Did you guys know that the Cherry Blossom last a week to a week and a half only? Here in Toronto we can see them at a few locations:

High Park -

Starting this year, the High Park will no longer permit cars inside the park during the week of visitation, simply because is crazy there.. The area gets crowded, traffic around the park is insanely heavy and well, Im not even talk about the parking. So be aware and prepare yourself to go there using another type of transit instead of your car, if you have one.

Centennial Park -

This park is in Etobicoke area, and it has the second largest collection of cherry trees, more than 200 ones!

Trinity Bellwoods Park -

Between the Dundas and Queen St West, the park also offers the combo of cherry + cn tower view!

If you don’t want to go where everybody else is going, you can also find them at Birkdale Ravine, Toronto Centre Island, Cedarvale Park and the Exhibition Place, for example.

Well, Im now booking Spring sessions YEEEES! We are going to see some cherry blossoms, sunflowers and lavenders this year.