Graffiti Alley Toronto - Teen Session

Hellooooo everyone, how’s everybody doing? Hope you guys are ok, cause I am! :D

A few days ago I had a pleasure to photograph Tammy, she is a Brazilian teenager living here in Toronto; and it was soooo funny. I have two sisters back in Brazil and I really forgot how it is to have teenagers around - even tough they speak with me all the time. Anyways, Tammy really wanted to go to the Graffiti Alley, so here we go.

As I was talking to Tammy’s mom - Rose - we decided to let her be herself during the photoshoot. Being a teenager is strange for everyone, its a really important time in our lives, so why not register the way it is? She was super nervous in the beginning, but after a few minutes she was already giving ideas hahahah

See you guys.